Climate Dividends

Climate Dividends are a new kind of extra financial information, dedicated to actively decarbonising our economy.

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Don't just offset.
Become a producer of decarbonization.

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Climate Dividends are geared towards companies, banks and investment funds that own an equity portfolio.

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If you invest in a company or an innovation that avoids or captures greenhouse gas emissions...

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... each ton of greenhouse gas not emitted or captured will generate Climate Dividends

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They will appear positively in various reports (Net Zero Initiative, Carbon Assessment, Corporate Social Responsibility report).


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ton of carbon dioxide equivalent avoided or captured

(one Climate Dividend)

Fighting climate change is not a one-time process.
Neither are Climate Dividends.

Climate Dividends are distributed every year, even if you invested financially only once. They promote long-term solutions.

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Climate change is too serious to mess with.

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An impartial third-party. The complete protocol for issuing Climate Dividends is publicly available, allowing any accredited consulting firm to be appointed in order to audit and certify your Climate Dividends.

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No accounting shenanigans. Each year’s Climate Dividends represent exactly the amount of greenhouse gases emissions saved, evoided or sequestered during the year, thanks to your investment.

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A baseline that is grounded in reality. For saved or avoided emissions, strict guidelines ensure that the baseline scenario used for comparison is a genuine reflection  of reality.

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First, do not harm. Companies generating Climate Dividends must ensure that they  have zero  negative impact on several criteria, such as the sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources or the transition to a circular economy.

Which activities can generate Climate Dividends?

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Emissions avoidance

Solutions and initiatives that avoid greenhouse gas emissions that would have otherwise been emitted.

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Carbon sequestration and storage

Nature-based or human-induced mechanisms that capture and store greenhouse gas on a long-term basis.

Time is of the essence. Discover our roadmap


Concept initiated


Creation of the Climate Dividends association

1st version of Climate Dividends protocol published


v2.0 of the Climate Dividends Protocol published

Pilot Phase


Climate dividends become the main unified standard indicator to measure and value the contribution to global carbon neutrality of equity investments

More than 50 million Climate Dividends are generated