Your contribution to global carbon neutrality should be one of your company’s main assets.

Investing in a company developing decarbonizing solutions which have positive climate contribution is not valued and incentivised.
It does not make sense.

Here's the solution ↓

Climate Dividends is a new standardized extra-financial indicator.

They represent the positive climate impact generated by a company that can be claimed by the shareholders of the company!

Don't just offset.

Show your positive contribution to global carbon neutrality.

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A company assesses the climate impact of its Solution thanks to the Climate Dividends protocol

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An independant third party verifies the evaluation and the emissions claim

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The company then distributes the corresponding Climate Dividends to its shareholders

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The shareholders can communicate and report on the Climate Dividends received


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ton of CO₂e avoided or removed

(one Climate Dividend)

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Concept initiated


Creation of the Climate Dividends association

1st version of Climate Dividends protocol published


v2.0 of the Climate Dividends Protocol published

Pilot Phase


Climate dividends become the main unified standard indicator to measure and value the contribution to global carbon neutrality of equity investments

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