What exactly are Climate Dividends?

Difference with financial dividends?
Difference with carbon credits?
Do emission reductions (reduction of scope 1, 2 and/or 3) enable a company to issue Climate Dividends ?
Won't Climate Dividends count as double accounting?

Who can use Climate Dividends?

How can Climate Dividends be used by companies issuing them ?
How can investors use / value Climate Dividends ?
Can Climate Dividends be used to identify companies engaged in greenwashing?
Can Climate Dividends be considered a form of greenlighting?

What methods/type of projects do you recognise?

Can a Solution Provider / Contributing Entity propose an impact measurement methodology ?
What sector-specific methodologies are accepted?
When will the Climate Dividends initiative include Nature Based Solutions?

Who Checks all of this?

Can an auditor in charge of extra-financial assessment intervene on the subject of Climate Dividends for me?
Which third-party can be in charge of the validation and verification phase?
How are the avoided or removed emissions assessed to generate Climate Dividends ?
Are avoided and removed emissions accounted for separately in Climate Dividends claim ?

How can I get involved?

What is the process of generating climate dividends?
How can I check the eligibility of my company to issue Climate Dividends ?
What are the costs associated with this initiative?
How can a Contributing Entity actually distribute its climate dividends?
How can I support the initiative ? (as an individual, as a company)
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